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Every Monopitch canopy is different - the length, width, and angle - to perfectly fit your school.

Our freestanding Monopitch canopies are ideal shelter solutions for older buildings and high windows. They're great as covered entrances for pupils and parents to shelter under before and after school, and prevents your classroom doors opening straight onto the playground, exposed to the elements.


The classic

Perfect for covered entrances to shelter pupils, parents and teachers - especially in older buildings with high windows.



The Monopitch is a timeless design, re-invented for the modern age using aluminium and tensile fabric.




We adhere to British manufacturing standards, and all our products are made in the UK.



Download our datasheet about Monopitch canopies

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Designed to

fit perfectly

Monopitch canopies are designed for the schools/nurseries that prefer a more classic design - either for aesthetic reasons, or simply because the architectural elements of your school mean it's the best one for you. Monopitch canopies are perfect for buildings built in the days of high windows and doors, or for schools who's doors are all ranged along one main wall, usually opening onto the playground. 

The Monopitch has added benefits. Its sloped roof and long design mean it defends your classroom windows from the sun, shielding against the 'greenhouse effect' in the summer. Like all the other canopies we supply, it comes in a huge range of colours, and can be customized with additional security features, leg pads and more.


As a response to many requests and feedback, we have created our Monopitch canopy to meet the needs of customers where a lean-to style structure is more appropriate, particularly those with older buildings and high windows. This type of canopy is great for filtering the harsh afternoon sunshine so classrooms and offices can be kept cooler.


The Monopitch is designed to meet your specific needs, and has all the unique benefits of our tensile

fabric roof.


What’s more, like our Qube™ range of canopies, the Monopitch can be customised with a coloured

ensile membrane roof, coloured frame, leg pads and a whole host of other optional extras.